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thursday set at march 7th and will be held at a speed pavilion in san jose. it's expected to be a large turnout. a mechanical problem on a plan leads to an emergency landing at san francisco international airport. officials to united airlines flight was flying from vancouver set canada saturday afternoon when brown started with the hydraulics the plane was carrying hundred and seven passengers managed to land safely. they are competing in the escape from alcatraz triathlon. we talked to two competitors this morning about what it takes to get ready. next line i want to stay as warm as i can in the water. 18 mi. bike ride and a swim through the bay. it will finish at the marina green. 40 different countries are competing. >> and we're watching washington this morning. one day after 85 billion dollars worth of federal spending cuts went into effect. the defense department is expected to feel the cuts first. >> now to the latest on washington's failure to avoid billions of dollars in spending cuts. the effects of those cuts isn't being seen yet by the average american. but washington says t
for the eastern shore. 46 degrees currently in san jose. 66 degrees today in los gatos 68 in oakland. a little chillier along the coast and the peninsula. we will season '70s and the north bay. 70 in santa rosa and napa. we will continue to feel the warming trend and look at the extended forecast but for now erica back over the years. >> there was a three-point-four magnitude earthquake off the coast near bolinas this morning. geological survey, the quake hit around 2:15 a-m. the epicenter was 23 miles south west of bolinas. no reports yet of injuries or damage. >> bar patrons in downtown walnut creek have started seeing changes at their local watering holes. police are trying to avoid more incidents like this one. especially over the past three weeks, when the police chief announced the elimination of the downtown patrol program because of staffing issues. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with bar managers who say they're doing their best to keep weekend nights >> as part of their conditional use permit agreement, downtown walnut creek bar managers say they stagger closing times on busy nigh
, i think we have san jose on the radar screen. shaping up to be a decent day. clouds are lifting up there. start to a good day. for over 60,000 california foster children, nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. an intense burning sensation i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side. like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story, visit we are back. >> p-g and e crews finished repairing a gas leak in hayward this morning. repairing a gas leak in hayward this morning. a third-party contract
the warriors continue their seven game home stand against the new york knicks on monday night.>> the san jose sharks looked to rebound from wednesdays loss as they hosted the saint louis blues at the shark tank. it was a tightly contested game that headed into overtime. but in the end it only took 72 seconds for saint louis to score and take home the win. scott gomez had a goal and an assist for the sharks. this is the ninth time in the last eleven games that the sharks have lost to the blues. now the sharks head to colorado for tonight's showdown with the avalanche. >> construction continues on the 49ers new stadium in santa clara. and the team has already sold three- quarters of the seats. fans and corporations have bought 403-million- dollars face worth of tickets. the nners require fans to buy seat licenses that cost between two-thousand and 80-thousand-dollars per season. and then purchase season tickets that cost 850 to 3,750 dollars each year. the total cost to build the new stadium is one point two billion dollars. kron 4's dan kerman shows us how the new stadium is quickly coming alo
are pretty mild. mid-cities in san jose oakland talker. pre-war today in the south bay. cloudy but fatigue warm day. 66 for downtown san francisco. there is moisture to the north of us. we could see some spotty showers today but most of the rain is coming tomorrow. >> a 10- year-old girl is recovering this morning after she was struck by debris caused by a bullet fired in east oakland yesterday. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news..showing cops on the scene. just before 5-pm gunshots were reported near the corner of 82nd avenue and a street. police say the girl was taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries. this is just one of several incidents where injury was caused by shots fired in oakland yesterday. >> that is the sound of bullets captured by a police shot spotter. those shots fired in richmond thursday afternoon. ended up hitting a one- year old baby boy. the gunman responsible for that shooting is still on the loose. the boy is at home recovering from removal of a bullet fragment in the neck. >> police are offering a 25- thousand dollar reward. f
is underway for a man san jose police say stabbed his former girlfriend to death. this is the suspect, 29- year-old juan ramirez. investigators say he and his victim were at one point romantically involved. but since then --- a restraining order had been filed against him. the murder happened friday afternoon and police are asking for the public's help to track down the accused killer. kron4's rob fladeboe has the >> john nguyen shared garage space with the victim, who lived with her young son in this apartment on first street and died in the parking lot after being stabbed multiple times by her ex boyfriend with what witnesses described as a butcher knife. this was that same parking lot friday evening as heavily-armed police scoured the neighborhood for the killer, who was seen jumping a fence and escaping on foot. video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news shows squads of police, their guns drawn, going door to door in search of a man later identified as 29-year-old juan ramirez whom they say was stalking sandra cruces gonzales, his former girlfriend. police say gonzales had
for redwood city and palo alto. about 70 degrees for san jose and we are looking at low to mid- 70s for the delta. 73 degrees for antioch and upper 60s for castro valley and hayward. downtown san francisco will become an end as 68 degrees. 72 degrees for santa rosa and about 70 degrees for novato and san rafael. >> here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it will be partly cloudy and to is that we are expecting showers to pushing in the morning. it should taper off on wednesday. the temperatures will warm-up again as we head into the next weekend. >> no police are searching for an attempted inole police are searching for an end to end the kidnapper. it 12 year old girl was walking home friday on appian way when she says that she was approached by the suspect. he wanted the girto give a great ride and when she refused he grabbed her wrist. the girl immediately pulled away and ran home. >> police in the is there searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting at a richmond bart station thursday night. shots were fired as passengers were leaving the station. one person was killed a
. this is the view from san jose. it is a little bit hazy at their we are not dealing with some low clouds along the coastal areas. plenty of sunshine into the afternoon. very similar date yesterday. but what, 47 degrees and recommend. afternoon highs for the south bay getting to the '70s. willis beckham mourn loss of '70s and the north bay as well. rain the forecast. outplay about it later. >> no performances today for the san francisco symphony. they cancelled today's event as well as last night's concert. as contract talks with musicians continue. the symphony says its unhappy with a propsal that would include a pay freeze and then a one percent pay increase during the next two years. people who had tickets to saturday night's concert at can get a refund, trade tickets for a future show or donate the money to the symphony. >> this is an agonizing weekend for family and friends of sierra lamar. one year ago.the 15-year- old vanished on her way to school in morgan hill. kron 4's mike pelton spoke with her family the communityare coping. fan>> the carnival legend arrived in tampa early this morn
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8